What I Believe......


  • I believe your space should HONOR your past, CELEBRATE your present and INSPIRE your future.

  • I believe that there is no right or wrong when it comes to how a person chooses to live. It is important to embrace those choices without fear and follow your instincts. Life and decorating are supposed to be fun!

  • I believe that decorating shouldn't be stressful or expensive. Good design is attainable in any space, no matter the style, square footage or budget. 

  • I believe that whether you want to makeover what you already own, mix it up by combining new and old items, or start from the bottom up to create an entirely new space, A Joyful Dwelling can help you to achieve that goal.

  • I believe you may not realize it, but you already have a distinctive style, one that has developed over time, one that needs to shine!

“Cheryl is fabulous! With her spark and creative talent, she transformed the drab, run-down 60-year-old bakery that I had purchased into a beautiful, elegant pastry shop with old-world European charm.Our customers are surprised and delighted with the fun and whimsical ambience that she created with her endless imagination. We are so impressed with all the dramatic effects that Cheryl created on our very limited budget. I would highly recommend everyone I know to make use of her creative genius! One only has to walk into our fanciful pastry shop to see some of her talents.”

                                              Nora Tong, Owner and Pastry Chef - Nora’s Patisserie Colma, Ca. 2009  

 “I've hired Cheryl several times to bring new life to an old office, decorate a new home, and even do set design for a TV commercial. For my Condo she took a bare space of concrete and little else and truly turned it into a model home. She modernized an office both on-budget and on-time, people still comment on how great it looks. The creativity she brings to the job is remarkable and I trust her explicitly in everything she does. No one does a better job of finding the right things that work for you and your space. I highly recommend her.”

      Danny Angotti, Production Manager at Atomic Productions, Inc.Oakland, Ca. 2006, 2009, 2015

“Cheryl not only gave me great recommendations for changes in my home but explained WHY they worked so I've been able to add to her original scope of work as budget allowed. Visitors often compliment me on changes that Cheryl recommended. Also, her congenial personality means she is extremely easy to work with.”

                                                           Joy Perkins, Owner at Omnibus OrganizingSan Ramon, Ca. 2007

“Oui Oui was all we could say when we came home from work and saw our 'new' living room. Cheryl Clifford arrived at our home and in a few hours “worked her magic”. We should preface this and say that we had just completed a whole house remodel. It took over a year. When construction was completed anything extra seemed to end up in the living room in a heap. Cheryl scoped out the area, focused in on my love of anything French and used my favorite fleur-de-lys motif items as part of the theme. Our living room is now a tranquil French parlor. Cheryl borrowed from other rooms, used items that were in storage and packed away just waiting for a revival. We were thrilled that Cheryl used a vintage painted door that was purchased 8 years ago-always waiting for a new use. It is now a focal point of the room! We spent no money on any new décor items. Cheryl used what we already owned. Since Cheryl’s transformation we now have more confidence in the appearance of our home and entertain with much more ease. Compliments flow from my book club, Bunco ladies and wine taster groups. Most recently we hosted a thank you and kick-off campaign for the United Way. We think this will be an annual event. Many thanks to Cheryl for making all of this happen.”

                                                                             Joyce and Bert Michalczyk, Danville, Ca 2005 and 2010

“I feel very relaxed in my living room and it's so cozy now. I have to tell you that when I first saw my room, I was shocked. I never thought it could look so 'new' and 'different'.”

                                                                                                              Peggy Mullins, San Ramon, Ca 2004

“Cheryl has an amazing eye for beauty. She came into my home and re-decorated my kitchen and family room. It went from a disaster to a model home using only the items I already owned. I trust her completely in my home alone (it was better for me to be out of the house while she did her thing). Even 6 years later, we still have her handiwork. Her service was a great investment.”

                                 Joyce Starosciak, Owner at Starotech Computer ServicesSan Leandro Ca. 2004

“I really enjoyed the mystery of having someone else take my taste in furniture and accessories and rearrange it. Living in an older home with small rooms, I felt I had tried all the ways to rearrange my existing furniture and couldn't really afford to go out and buy new. Cheryl moved things around in a way that I had never considered and was able to open up the two rooms so that there was a much greater feeling of spaciousness. I highly recommend this service for those folks that are up for a change and low on budget or just can't seem to get the room feeling just right.”

                                                                                                                    Anna Badger, Oakland, Ca 2003

“Before I returned home my cell phone rang and it was Cheryl letting us know she was done. I found myself asking about how the house looked, but Cheryl would not tell me. She just kept saying I have to see it for myself. This made me ridiculously anxious. I couldn't wait to get home. We drove nervously into our driveway and I could already see from my car that I liked what was done to one wall. We walked in and...We were speechless. I am not a person that believes these things are real. I always feel that women make so much of things because of how emotional we can be, but here I found myself a dumbfounded believer.Cheryl was able to take what I had in my home and in 5 hours completely transform my living room and dining room. She caused us to not only notice how cozy our living room is but she started a fire in the fireplace and we couldn't help ourselves. We have been spending lots of time in our cozy living room, burning fires and reading so much more and we owe it all to Cheryl's talented eyes. Her ability to use the architectural design of the home and the lines of the rooms, to place the furniture appropriately allows us full appreciation of the home. I was at a place where I did not enjoy spending time in my living room but now that we have A New View, we entertain much more and with much more enjoyment. Cheryl, we both thank you!”

                                                                                                  Georgette and Will HuffSan Leandro, 2002

“My interior redecoration experience with Cheryl was a delight from beginning to end. I called several similar professionals and she stood out as friendly, receptive and genuinely interested in me and the project. She felt like somebody you'd want to be friends with. I had Cheryl do over the living room/dining room, and master bedroom. I gave her team free reign to rummage in drawers, garage, closets etc. and change anything. I consider myself fairly adept as an amateur decorator, and had been watch TV decorating shows and getting ideas for months. Nonetheless, Cheryl's results were orders of magnitude beyond anything I could have imagined myself. People can't believe how great the rooms look.After I got such a good result on the first rooms, I had her back to do over the den and guest room. A home makeover with Cheryl was the perfect solution for me. My husband had died about 6 months before. I had done a lot of clearing out already. For example, there were hundreds of feet of empty bookshelf space because his books were donated to a retreat center. The master bedroom formerly had a king size bed and 3 dressers; it now had a queen size and 1 dresser, creating a lot more space. I wanted to use the freed up space effectively, and totally change the look of the master bedroom so that it felt like my room, and not the sickroom it had been for several years. I also wanted a look that paid homage to our 22 years of marriage together, but equally heralded that a new future was coming. Cheryl accomplished all of these objective sensitively and brilliantly.”

                                                                                       Sara Church Dinkler, Orinda, Ca. 2004 and 2010

“I met Cheryl Clifford at the Home Consignment Center, a furniture and accessory store in Danville. After seeing some photos of work she had done, I asked Cheryl to do a room makeover in our living room, a room that my husband and I were spending very little time in. Cheryl came to our home, spent some time in the living room and asked us a lot of questions. She looked at the room from all angles and took photographs. Then she asked us questions about our lifestyle and what makes us happiest.Overnight she came up with a design plan that when executed, knocked our socks off! Cheryl transformed our living room into a warm, inviting, cozy, fun room to hang out in, work in, play and eat in. We can live in there now. She used our own furniture and art in new ways, so that we did not have to spend a lot of money on new pieces. We loved that she took our favorite accessories and showcased them so that we could enjoy them even more. We now spend a lot of time in a room that barely got used before. We then asked Cheryl to do two more rooms that were not being used.These were rooms that we wanted to turn into a guest suite with a bedroom and living room area. They were incredibly cold, boring rooms that needed a major transformation. Cheryl chose a warm, rich color palette for the two rooms and adjoining bathroom. Then we went to a factory outlet sale in San Francisco to select bedding, pillows, drapes and accessories. We purchased fabulous things at below wholesale prices and saved tons of money! Since we needed some furniture, we headed back to the Consignment shop where Cheryl had selected some very well priced new pieces of furniture including a small cabinet that had a little refrigerator inside it for a mini bar.My family and I could not be happier with the way the rooms turned out. Our new guest suite now rivals a suite at the Four Seasons, mini bar and all! Cheryl turned the two boring rooms and bathroom into a place where our family and friends will feel welcome and comfortable. The colors and mix of materials is so warm and inviting that my husband and I can frequently be found hanging out in there. Cheryl transformed three rooms we rarely spent time in into comfortable, fun and inviting rooms that we now spend a lot of time in.Her resourcefulness, combined with her ability to see things in a new and different ways really sets her apart. My husband and I found working with Cheryl to be a delightful and fun experience and we highly recommend her services to anyone looking to improve the quality of their lives. She’s the best!”

                                                                            Renee Kubryk, Blackhawk, Danville, Ca. 2006 and 2008