"The Butterfly represents feelings, lightness, elegance, ease. It is a symbol of undertakings. Since the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, it is a sign of transformation and change of everything old. Butterfly in the dream, is a symbol of joy and bliss"


The Joyful Dwelling

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"Cheryl has a gift for zeroing in on what the client is all about and what will bring them joy. She combines this insight with her keen sense of design and creativity, making magic happen in the process. When I met Cheryl, I had recently inherited my parents’ mid-century home, and it was very important to me to honor my parents (both artists) while creating a space that reflected my own taste, which is for anything French. Through a combination on using old favorites (some repainted and reupholstered), new additions, and my favorite pieces of Mom’s paintings and Dad’s photographs, we created exactly what I was searching for. I have enjoyed the space immensely, whether relaxing in it with a good book and a glass of wine, or entertaining family and friends. We are now moving forward with the rest of the house as Cheryl continues to help me discover my joyful dwelling."

                                                                  Angela K. Piedmont, CA.


Insights into this Project for Angela

There are many wonderful details in this new space. The plan all started with a $2 poster my client treasured, (above the fireplace). Then we focused on what meant the most to her from her parents. That led to us deciding to use her personal collection of her Mother's drawings and her Father's photographs. After playing with ideas, she discovered a love of colored glass amongst other things.  She is a Musician, she is a Mom, she is a Daughter, and a business woman. I think we addressed all those sides of her. When I first met her, she stated that she could not see herself living in the house. Now she says she could not imagine living anywhere else. When you step out of the box and remember that there are no rules, anyone can create a space that gives them joy.


Cheryl Clifford

"Joyful Dwelling Designer/Creator"

​        "A JOYFUL Dwelling HONORS your past, CELEBRATES your present, and INSPIRES your future"                       ​                                                                                                       *Cheryl Clifford​